Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Home is Where Your Story Begins

This phrase hangs above my desk in my office at my home. Below it are pictures of our family. My grandfathers and grandmothers share space with Karla's. Karla's parents next to mine. In the center are pictures of us and our children, snapshots of real moments captured in one flash of a shutter. Looking at them, I am reminded of past, present and future...of where I am going and where I come from.

Much more than the places we were born, it is the people who brought us into the world that are our home. As I prepare to spend time with these people over Thanksgiving... as I prepare to go home... I am filled with an appreciation for the road I have travelled thus far in my life and the adventure of the days ahead of me. Where your feet take you, that's where you are. And, in spite of geographical distance, I want the people I love to know that, wherever I may be, wherever my feet may take me, I am always home because they are always with me.

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